Short story: We're a full service graphic design company. We produce designs and physical products for individuals, businesses and teams. We make printed products  such as business cards, postcards, flyers, wedding invitations, posters, banners, retractable banners, yard signs, tradeshow tents and items, etc. We also focus on sports. We design and produce items such as jerseys / uniforms, helmet decals, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, sandals and much more.

Long story: Bardown Creative is the overall design company for all of the products we make and sell. Bardown Creative was formed back in 2008 when owner and proprietor, Tim Turner, decided to offer freelance design to anyone in need. With extensive knowledge in the design and print industry (since age 15) and an extraordinary passion for hockey, there wasn't another name more fitting. Bardown, in hockey terms, is a specific and precisely placed shot. Basically, the puck is shot, then deflects off the crossbar and goes directly into the net. This name matched Tim's love for hockey as well as his precision and attention to detail with work.

We started off small, only servicing friends, family, and others that were in need of our services. That grew through word of mouth fairly rapidly. During this time, Tim began to venture into designing jerseys for his teams. The transition was very natural. Shortly thereafter, additional requests for jersey design came flooding in from all over the country.

Presently, we're evolving into a larger company, looking to grow and grow while still maintaining the high standards for quality and precision. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email, a message on Facebook or  a message Twitter.

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to exceed your expectations.


envious GAMEWEAR is basically anything that isn't related to printing or hockey. Bardown Creative is the parent company of envious GAMEWEAR. Don't be alarmed. We just thought it would make more sense to have a more "overall" sportswear name that doesn't pigeon-hole us into one specific sport (mainly hockey).

Just think for example, if you were wearing a softball or football jersey and you saw the Bardown Creative logo, your first thought would likely be, "What is Bardown?" Or, go even further, if you're a hockey fan and saw Bardown Creative on that same softball or football jersey, you'd likely think, "What does Bardown have to do with softball/football?" Well, we thought the same thing. So, envious GAMEWEAR by Bardown Creative was formed. We cover any non-hockey jersey/uniform/apparel. That's about it... Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!



® Bardown Creative // All Rights Reserved
® Bardown Creative // All Rights Reserved